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Mission & Objectives

The Kids for Kids GI Project mission is to help kids experiencing gastrointestinal pain or discomfort. We want to help kids to better understand and cope with how their body is feeling. We want to educate parents and caregivers on resources and strategies for good gut health for kids to last a lifetime. And most of all, we want to provide a safe, fun online environment to serve as a destination for information, comfort, and fun distraction.


Meet the Team

We’re kids too. We’re a brother and sister who have had gastrointestinal pain and discomfort, just like you. We still do sometimes. Thanks to amazing doctors and nurses, we’ve learned some tips and tricks for how to feel better (and how to try to relax and distract ourselves when we don’t). We  founded the Kids for Kids GI Project in 2020 to share what we’ve learned to try and help other kids  feel better too. We work together to create content and manage the website.

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