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Tips and Tricks 


A heating pad can help when your stomach is not feeling well (just make sure a grown up supervises and helps you set it up.)


Getting rest can help your body feel well.

Emotional and Mental Well Being

We have had some trouble with getting overly upset over the discomfort we get with our stomachs. It is important to not overly fixate and get more anxious about the symptoms you are feeling. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it is good to acknowledge the uneasiness in your stomach that you are feeling, and then move on to try and distract yourself with something that will get your mind off it and make you feel better.


If your stomach is bothering you, talking with family or friends can be a great help. 

Health and Wellness

A variety of factors from exercise to diet to meditation and more can all help manage any stomach discomfort. Check out other sections on the homepage for additional information on each of these areas.


Distractions are some of the best things you can do for your body, or more specifically your mind, when your stomach doesn’t feel good. Get your mind off of your upset tummy and have some fun! 



Here are some of our favorites distractions. Give some of them a try and figure out which ones work

for you. There is no right answer!


-Watching tv/movies:

  • Disney Channel

  • Nickelodeon Channel

  • Netflix or Disney Plus

  • Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars movies 

  • Any animated shorts are super fun for when you just need a few minutes to distract yourself!

- Play with fidget toys

-Watch funny youtube videos 

-Play video games 


  - Picture books (We dare you to read THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES without laughing!)

  - Chapter books

-Hang out with pets

-Talk to family or friends

-Draw, sketch, paint, craft, or color

-Do puzzles, brain teasers, or board games

-Play on a device but remember to take a break every so often so that you aren’t on a screen for too long!

-Listen to music


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