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Activities can be great distractions when you are not feeling well. Activities that can relieve you of stomach discomfort are as simple as reading a book, watching TV or even playing video games. They can bring your mind off of your stomach and make you forget all the discomfort you’re having.
Also talking with someone helps too, that can be a great activity to help you forget about your stomach pain as well.
Fidgeting is another activity that can really help. Fidget toys are literally designed to distract you. Regular toys like a slinky or an action figure also work. These two things all help bring your mind somewhere else other than your stomach and help you get through the discomfort.
Petting something or cuddling with something works. Stuffed things or pets are great for this! It can make you happy and it's like the stomach pain/discomfort isn’t even there.

There are a great variety of activities and distractions online. A few of our favorites are:
.io games
Cool Math Games
PBS Kids


Here are some activities and things we think are fun (listed from A-Z). You may enjoy them too!

·       A- apples, AFV, adventures

·       B- balloons, bbq, board games

·       C- Coyote Peterson, cartoons, challenges

·       D- dogs, Disney, dolphins

·       E- eating, exploring, eggs

·       F- family, friends, fish

·       G- green, glow in the dark toys, go-fish card game

·       H- hand games, horseback riding, hide and seek, holidays

·       I- ice, ice pops, inflatables 

·       J- jello, jokes, jumping 

·       K- kites or kayaking

·       L- lunch, ladybugs, lizards, legos, lollipops

·       M- movies, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, music, museums, monopoly board game, minecraft video game

·       N- naps, nature, necklaces

·       O- ocean, outer space, origami

·       P- Pixar, puzzles, pools, playgrounds

·       Q- Queen of England

·       R- rhinos, roller coasters, riddles, roblox

·       S- Star Wars movies, swimming, snow, Spongebob Squarepants

·       T- TV, toys, treasure hunts, Toca Boca game apps

·       U- Ursula (and the rest of the Little Mermaid characters)

·       V- video games, vacation

·       W- water parks, weekends, walkie-talkies

·       X- Xmas season

·       Y- yoga, yogurt, Yoda

·       Z- zen, zombies

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