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Caring for a child with GI pain or discomfort can feel overwhelming at times. Thankfully there are many excellent resources to help you care for your child- from identifying and managing symptoms, to connecting with the right doctors for diagnosis and treatment. We invite you to explore the following helpful links to educate and inform you and your child on pediatric GI conditions.

While these are great places to start, there are countless other additional helpful websites, support groups, and communities online and around the world which can be of great comfort, support and assistance. We're rooting for you as you help navigate your child with gastrointestinal pain or discomfort to feeling better.








A few words (from our mom) on some "lessons learned:"

- We have learned that stomach pain is very common for children. Often stomachaches are just that. However, if your child's symptoms persist or if you are concerned about your child's condition for any reason- then checking with your child's pediatrician is a great place to start.

 -Doctors appointments, testing and procedures can take time (and be boring or stressful for kids) try to bring a favorite book or toy for a little fun distraction.

 -Managing arrangements for appointments, test results, medicine, insurance, billing and other details can be time consuming and sometimes challenging. Hang in there and get help from family or friends if you need it.

-You can be an amazing advocate for your child. If your family not is certain about one doctor's diagnosis or proposed treatment plan, many insurance companies cover second opinions. 

 -Patient portals can be great ways to communicate with your child's medical team in a timely manner.

-If a treatment or procedure is denied coverage by your insurance company, you have the opportnity to appeal the decision.

 -Always remember to thank doctors, nurses, and medical support staff along the way.

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