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While it may seem contradictory, it is actually a great idea to get up and stretch out your body when your stomach doesn’t feel good. Taking one minute to simply reach to the sky, touch your toes, and maybe even go into a yoga child’s pose can help.


Of course, I know it is very tempting to curl up and hold your stomach under a nice blanket when you don’t feel good, however it does not do a great deal of good for your body to stay coiled up for too long.


Take a moment to gently stretch your tense muscles, take a nice deep breath, and open up your body. Once you lie right back down, you will thank yourself for taking a well-needed stretch break.


The stretches down below are the ones we find most helpful, however if you experience too much discomfort, maybe save the stretching for a little later!


  • Standing up on your tippy toes and reach/look up to the sky

  • Reach for your toes (in any position)

  • Roll your shoulders

  • Gently roll your head and neck

  • Relax your eyebrows and jaw

  • Breathe in deeply, bringing your body up as you inhale and down as you exhale? (link to mind-gut connection page on website?)

  • Sit criss-cross applesauce but with feet pressing against each other


When you are finished, your body should feel a little better following that easy movement you just did! Now you can lie down again and take a little stretch break as needed. Feel better!

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